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    Stay Healthy During This Flu Season!
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    Autumn has finally arrived. You can feel it in the air. And with it has arrived the cold and the flu. Just as every year, I daresay. You cannot avoid seeing all the people coughing and sneezing in public transport or at work. And you also cannot avoid thinking that with every sneeze or cough […]

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    When Married Couples Try Each Other´s Hobbies
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    The fact that two people are in a relationship does not mean that necessarily, they also have to share the same hobbies, does it? How many of you are in a relationship and still do certain things on your own? Raise your hands, do not worry! That is just how it goes. And how it […]

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    If We Did Things That Babies Do
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    Babies are cute. Seriously, nearly everything that they do is cute. Even things you would normally consider weird are cute when babies do them. The way they smile, the way they try to talk and try to walk and are so interested in the most basic things, it is just so cute! However, would it […]

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    What Your Exes Say About You
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    What would happen if someone contacted your exes and asked them to say a thing about you? Do you know what would they say? Nice things or something mean? Well, perhaps you would be surprised. But that depends on how you behaved in your previous relationships, right? Maybe you could take part in this show […]

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    This Lion Really Wants To Roar
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    This little lion is so cute! He is just like Simba from Lion King but in real life! Just look at how cute he looks! It is just so adorable. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful? And wait until you watch the video and see how he attemps to roar! One day, he will […]

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    A Selfie Spoon
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    Apparently, selfie sticks are no longer so trendy. They have become quite outdated. And so something new needed to be created instead. And it is selfie spoon! Selfie spoon is a tool which lets you photograph yourself while you are eating! That is awesome, right? From one end, it looks like an ordinary selfie stick. […]

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    Living With You Best Friend
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    I bet that many of you have at least once lived with their best friend. Have you not? If not yet ,but you are planning to, then this video is just for you! Because living with your best friend is crazy. There is just nothing like that and it is hard to describe it. When […]

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    Is Racial Bias Your Problem?
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    You probably think that identifying a racial bias is not a problem, right? Well, the fact is that even though we try not to, we can still have this problem. It is hidden and it is even bigger. However, there is one thing you can do, if you want to know whether you have it. […]

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    A Mom Woke Up From Coma After Hearing Her Baby
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    Shelly Cawley and her husband Jeremy were looking forward to their baby. However, when the time came, last September, Shelly had to have an emergency C-section. Luckily, Rylan, a baby girl, was born completely healthy. However, Shelly was not that lucky. She went into coma. But then, a nurse had an idea to make Shelly […]

What Is A Lumbar Support Belt?
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Lumbar support belts are designed to prevent back pains for those who have weak muscles and patients with back or spine injuries. It was first used in 2009. It helps by relieving the pressure on your back caused by a bad posture. It can also be used as a back support during workouts and by […]

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