8 Signs A Woman is Oozing with Libido

Read this article to find out if she wants it!

Well, some say that it is hard to tell if a woman wants it or not. And although it is true, if you learn some of the signs, then you will have no problem knowing if a woman wants you or not. If you want to know about them, then continue reading! This article will help you identify those women who want it and also those who do not want it so that you are not wasting your time anymore.

Here are the signs you should be looking for:

  1. She laughs at your jokes. If she listens to you talking and talking and she even asks you questions and seems interested in what you have to say, then she definitely wants you. Women do not laugh if they do not like a guy. If she is not obviously annoyed, then she likes you!
  2. She touches you. Randomly, lightly. She really wants to touch you. It means that sheperhaps wants more.
  3. She keeps talking to you and does not seem to care about others. She stays with you even tough her friends are gone.
  4. She talks about sex. Well, what other sign do you need in order to realize that she watns you?
  5. She invites you in. A woman would never invite a guy into her apartment if she did not want it.
  6. She keeps eye contact, or she is checking you out. She definitely wants to see more of you than just what she is seeing. She is perhaps imagining you naked.
  7. She is looking at your lips. If she does, she definitely wants to kiss you.
  8. She gives you compliments. Sexual compliments. If she tells you that you are good looking then she proabbly thinks that, right? Well, what else do you need to hear, act!


If you notice some of these signs then you should act. You will not have many opportunities like this anymore. A woman will not keep trying forever. She will get discouraged if you do not get these signs right. so, you should definitely try as hard as you can. Do not ask questions, just act!

Women love men who know what they are doing. But you probably already know that. So, try as hard as you can, but do not be stupid.

If a woman does all of these things, then she probably wants you very much otherwise she would never do that. Remember this! And, good luck!

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