• What Your Trainer Does Not Want You To Do
    Posted in: Fitness

    If you have a personal trainer, then read this! It will definitely help you not piss them off the next time you are in the gym. And that is probably something you want, right? To get better and to do things right, is it not? Well, read and learn! You hate warming up so much […]

  • How To Make The Most Of You Workout Class
    Posted in: Fitness

    Even if the workout class you signed up for is not as great as you expected it to be, you can still make the most of it! Well, supposing you will attend it regularly! Which we strongly recommend you to do! The fact that it is not as funny as you expected it to be […]

  • The Reasons To Start Working Out
    Posted in: Fitness

    Wait! Are you saying that you have not yet got a gym membership and have not start working out? You are kidding! How many times am I supposed to tell you how good it is for you? I bet that you know about all the benefits that exercising brings along, don´t you? If not, then […]

What Happens When You Give 100 Cameras To Homeless People
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Homeless people are artists too. This is proven by Cafe Art who gave 100 disposable cameras to homeless people in London in order to let them express themselves through photography. And the results, were absolutely stunning! Of course, they were not unprepared, a basic training was done by Royal Photographic Society and then they were […]

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