Change Your Life With These Eating Habits

You would be surprised how much your life can change when you change your eating habits. If you do not believe it, then you have probably never tried it yourself! And that is a big mistake!

Seriously, if you are not feeling good, or think that your life is missing something, try changing the way you eat. Here is what you can do!

  1. You do not really have to give up on anything you like, however, you should try not to overdo it with these foods.
  2. Plan ahead! Even if you are not having a healthy lunch, make sure your dinner is light.
  3. Do not count calories!
  4. Try no to eat boring foods! They will never make you feel satisfied.
  5. Store prepared foods in your refrigerator. Chop vegetables and fruits for later! So that when you are hungry, you know that you have your favourite healthy snack ready for you!
  6. Have a proper lunch! Around noon, your digestion is at its peak. That is the time when you should give your body what it wants and needs!
  7. Do not always think about how food makes you fat. Enjoy eating!
  8. Eat all the colors that there are!
  9. Have snacks prepared.
  10. Eat 80 % healthy and 20 % what you want!

Does any of these tips sounds scary? Well, of course not! So, what are you waiting for? Let´s get to it!

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