• This Guy Honored His Late Wife By Recreating Her Photos With His Daughter
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    Rafael Del Col, a Brazilian bloger, tragically lost his wife in a car accident in 2013.Now after two years he decided to honor his wife in a quite special way. He and his 4-year-old daughter Raisinha recreated the portraits of him and his wife. Raisinha wore clothes matching the ones her mother wore in the […]

  • How Successful Are You?
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    How successful do you consider yourself to be? Probably not just as much as you deserve. It is just how it goes, people often underrestimate themselves.We want more and more and never really stop when we achieve something. We have simply lost the ability to appreciate what we do. Luckily, other people still notice. Especially […]

  • What It Is Like To Be A Hand Model
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    Hand model. Who is it? A person who uses their hands for modeling? Well, yeah, believe it or not, but there are also people whose job is to pose with their hands for various purposes. Such as art, fashion or other advertising. So? Does it sound a little bit crazy? Well, it perhaps is. But […]

  • What Happens When You Give 100 Cameras To Homeless People
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    Homeless people are artists too. This is proven by Cafe Art who gave 100 disposable cameras to homeless people in London in order to let them express themselves through photography. And the results, were absolutely stunning! Of course, they were not unprepared, a basic training was done by Royal Photographic Society and then they were […]

  • When A Drone Captures A Man Sunbathing
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    There is nothing wrong with a man sunbathing, is there? I mean, everybody sunbaths during the summer, right? It is just so hot that you cannot come up with anything better to do! However, sunbathing on top of wind turbine 200 ft above the ground is probably a different story. But it happened. A drone […]

  • David Takes His Children On A Rollercoaster And Harper Enjoys It
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    It is mostly David Beckham who is seen hanging out with his kids and actually having fun with them, right? Of course, we do believe that Victoria is a good and loving mother, it is just that David is more of a friendly dad. The one you can have fun with. And now he is […]

Eat These Foods For Prettier Skin
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If you want to have pretty skin, you should forget about all the beauty products. It all starts with the food you eat. And the food you do not and should not eat. But let´s not talk about that. Let´s focus on the foods that can help you have pretty skin! Spinach and kale – […]

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