Stop Doing These Things If You Do Not Want To Get A Cold

Being sick during the holidays is not good, is it? Well, luckily, you can do something in order to avoid getting a flu or a cold! Don´t you believe it? That is peraps because you have never really tried! But we promise that if you follow our advice, you will be just fine this Christmas.

  1. You are not washing your hands properly. Does washing your hands look just like when a toddler is washing them? Well, in that case you need to change this! Wash your hands for at least twenty seconds! And if you cannot wash your hands for some reason, then use hand sanitizer. At least.
  2. Touching your face with your hands. Not only is this not very good for your skin, it also helps the germs to get where they want! And where you do not want them to get.
  3. You sleep too little. If you think that you can go on without having proper night´s sleep, then you are terribly mistaken. And you will soon figure it out yourself if you do not change this bad habit.
  4. Your employees or colleagues who go to work even if they should stay at home. If you know anyone like that, send them home.
  5. Do not shake hands all the time. And if you have to, wash them before you eat, or touch your mouth.
  6. You are stressed all the time. Stress can only help you with catching a cold.

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