Things You Did During You School Years And You Would Not Get Away With Now

We were all kids and we were all students. And even though kids today are different from those that we were, we still have some things in common. Although, not all of the things. Anyway, here are a few things that we all did at school and that were considered being coold back then. However, they no longer are cool and if you did them now, you would probably be considered crazy. Or a child.

Here it goes!

1. WordArt – everywhere. In your presentations, in your papers, just everywhere.enhanced-9630-1442581442-10

2. Stickers – there is no way you did not own stickers. Lots of them. And you would not even use them. enhanced-30529-1442580571-1

3. Jane Norman bagĀ  – to carry your PE kit. 10584716_1562615400658348_1234299787_n

4. And writing everything in bubble writing.

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