What To Expect From Marriage Counselling

So the time has come for Marriage Counselling. And you are now about to attend your first session. Feeling nervous? That is absolutely normal. But if you want to know what to expect, here are some things you probably did not know about marriage counselling and how it actually is.

  1. First of all, not both of you need to attend. Although, it might be better if you do. However, even if you go alone, counsellor can give you some valuable advice on how to deal with various situations.
  2. Attending marriage counselling does not necessarily have to mean that you will save your relationship. It can also be helpful when going through a touch divorce.
  3. You are the one in charge of what will happen in the end. The counsellor can only provide guidance.
  4. It may happen that you will be asked questions about your childhood, or your previous partners.
  5. Marriage counselling does not end with the end of the session. It requires your effort and that means that you will have to do some homeework. If you do it, you are more likely to actually suceed.
  6. You will have to communicate and maybe take responsibility.
  7. If you truly want to make some difference, you need to really participate in marriage counselling and not just attend the sessions. Only that way you can benefit from it.

Good luck!

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