Will Sexual Anxiety Hurt Our Relationship?

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Sexual anxiety is a problem which affects a lot of sexual relationships. But can it actually ruin it? Well, it definitely can ruin a sexual relationship, but can it affect the whole relationship? If you are not careful and if you do not do anything in order to save your relationship, then it probably can. But sure, there are things you can do in order to prevent sexual anxiety from ruining it, right?


Well, before we get to that, let me just explain to your what sexual anxiety is and why it happens. Besically, anxiety equals fear. Fear of sex. Or, fear of not performing well. This fear can really affect your libido and make it..drop. Or it can cause pain furing intercourse and that is probably not something you want.

So the thing is, in case you are experiencing sexual anxiety, and you are not willing to talk about it with your partner, so instead you are just avoiding the sex, then that is probably not good. You see communication is important in a relationship. Especially if you are dealing with such an issue as sexual anxiety. Really, before you go visit a doctor, which you should, you should have a discussion with your partner.

You know, dealing with such a serious issue is not easy and doing it on your own will only make it more complicated. A relationship is based on honesty and that is what you need to do: be honest. Your partner will be your support and together you will handle it all.

So, if you know what to do and if you do not panic, then sexual anxiety cannot ruin your relationship. So stop being scared and if you think that sexual anxiety is your problem, do something about it! Either visit a doctor, or just try to talk to your partner. Just do not be afraid, it is nothing too serious and nothing that could not be handled.

Attending a therapy can be a great solution and it can really help you. Plus, you can do it together!


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